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Daniel O’Donnell is happy in life as he approaches his 60th birthday


Irish star Daniel O’Donnell has started to think about retirement as he is decreasing his workload ahead of his 60th birthday.

The singer from Co Donegal hits the big 6-0 on 12 December 2021 and discussed with RTE Guide how he is feeling about his work and life as he approaches the milestone.

Sharon Shannon serenades a field of cows with beautiful Irish music


If the Pied Piper of Hamelin ever needed any help gathering cows, he should give Sharon Shannon a call.

The traditional Irish music star has released a very moo-ving video onto her social media pages.

Judy Collins on her love of Irish music


American folk legend Judy Collins has spoken about her love of Ireland and Irish music.

The singer recently released a ‘Live in Ireland’ DVD which was recorded at Dromoland Castle, Co Clare. The performance included renditions of classic Irish folk songs such as Wild Mountain Thyme and She Moved Thru the Fair.

The 81-year-old revealed to vindy.com that her team were careful to find a venue that created the right ambience. She said: “The insides of castles in Ireland often don’t look like Ireland, so we had to be able to turn it into something that looked Irish and was romantic and well-lighted. We went through a number of choices and settled on this one, and it was perfect.”

When Christmas song caught the hearts of Irish emigrants


Christmas songs can be a bit of a double edge sword. One one hand we say we quickly tire of hearing the same old tunes every year, but on the other hand we find ourselves singing and humming along every time we hear them. And, of course, they must work and put us in the mood for buying things, otherwise shops and department stores wouldn’t spend so much money to play them on their premises.

Jigsaw Jam and Keith O’Brien promoteChristmas video

Documentary reveals Shane MacGowan ‘really fancied’ Kirsty MacColl


A fascinating documentary about Shane MacGowan reveals that the star had a crush on his ‘Fairytale of New York’ co-lead singer Kirsty MacColl. The Pogues’ frontman wrote the classic Christmas song with bandmate Jem Finer.