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Irish singer Geldof honoured by Israeli university

Bob Geldof
Bob Geldof

Irish singer Bob Geldof is perhaps better known these days for his campaigns against famine than he is for his music.

Now the Dublin born musician who inspired Band Aid and Live Aid to help the starving in Africa is to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the Ben Gurion University in Israel.

When Ronan Met Burt album released

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Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating’s new album called When Ronan Met Burt has now been officially released.

The album features the Irish singer performing tracks written and produced by the legendary American song writer Burt Bacharach.

The Dubliners – still flying the flag for Irish music


The Dubliners have such a special place among the stars of Irish music that you almost feel nervous going to one of their concerts these days.

After all, they’ve had 50 years at the top and so you wonder if they can still produce the magic after all this time? You wouldn’t want to go to a concert and find they were only shadows of their former selves would you?

Is the Wild Rover an anti-drinking song?


Symbols of Ireland
With St Patrick’s Day coming, thousands of Irish music fans will be polishing up the old vocal chords in readiness for a session of hard drinking and hearty singing.

The Wild Rover will no doubt be near the top of the list – every year thousands of people belt it out enthusiastically in between sips of Guinness in pubs across the world.

The folk hero appeal of Whiskey in the Jar

A Nip Against the Cold (oil on canvas) by Erskine Nicol 1869
A Nip Against the Cold

Because of its title, Whiskey in the Jar is often seen as a drinking song, celebrating the wild life.

That doesn’t really do it justice though. Whiskey in the Jar isn’t really about drinking at all; it’s about rebellion against authority and has a sub-plot involving betrayal by a lover.