Arthica – Brazilian band with Irish flavour

Arthica are a Brazilian group with a strong Irish flavour.

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They say their main influences are The Corrs and Blackmore’s Night.

Arthica, a Brazilian group with a strong Irish flavour
Arthica, a Brazilian group with a strong Irish flavour

Speaking of their love of Irish music they said: “We like to play Irish/Celtic music because it brings such joy and beauty with it. It’s full of life and we feel like it brings people together, whether you are playing or just listening to it.”

Electronic 80s vibe

Their music at the moment has a very 80s vibe, with a lot of electronic elements, but that’s not the kind of music they always like to create. Just like The Corrs were successful mixing pop rock with traditional Celtic music in their time, Arthica look to do something similar.

Adding their own style of music

They don’t want to be exactly like The Corrs, but want to contribute to a style they created and add their own flavour to it.

Arthica consist of Paula Lacerda on vocals and guitar, Luis Gustavo Lima Lara on bass and tin whistle, Ivo Márcio Ferreira on Piano, bodhrán, tin whistle, recorder and melodic, Daniel Canelli on Violin and vocals and Ariana Abrantes on drums.

Celtic instruments attract a diverse audience

They say that at their shows, people respond best to songs with a stronger Celtic influence. The Celtic instruments attract a diverse audience, from little kids to older men and women.

They stand out in Brazil because music with Irish/Celtic influence is not easy to find.

Since 2005, they have independently recorded and released the following titles:

August 2005 – EP “A part of us has gone”, 3 songs
December 2006 – Album “Ways”, 14 songs
October 2007 – EP “Sempre volta pro mesmo lugar”, 4 songs
June 2012 – Single “Tudo em você”, 1 song

Arthica would love to play in Ireland

Arthica perform in local events, music festivals, pubs and bars, mostly in and around their home town, but in 2009 they also played overseas, at the Malta Rock Festival, in Malta and Southern Europe.

In 2011 and 2012 they teamed up with a national radio station (Jovem Pan) and did a series of shows in local schools. They aim to continue performing around the world and have a particular desire to play in Ireland.

They said: “We would like to perform more often and in different cities across Brazil and internationally. A country that we specifically dream of performing at is Ireland, since so much of our musical influence comes from Irish music.”

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