Music played by some great Irish bands

On these pages you will find lots of information about the bands and performers who play all your favourite Irish songs.

Celtic TenorsCeltic Tenors

Celtic Tenors videos

Celtic ThunderCeltic Thunder

It’s Entertainment
Celtic Thunder videos

Celtic WomanCeltic Woman

Songs from the Heart
Celtic Woman videos

The ChieftainsThe Chieftains

Changing Musicians
Grammy Awards
LandMark Performances
Film Soundtracks
Singing with the Stars
The Chieftains videos

The Clancy BrothersThe Clancy Brothers

Early Success
Famous Irishmen
Polished Performers
Folk Revival
Bob Dylan
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Magical Ring and Harry’s Game
World Song of the Year
Clannad videos

The CorrsThe Corrs

Matching The Beatles
Corrs videos

The CranberriesThe Cranberries

No Need To Argue
Solo careers
Cranberries videos


Q&A with Danú’s Benny McCarthy
Danú videos

De Dannan (photo by Candy Schwartz)De Dannan

Dispute of De Dannan Name
De Dannan Landmark albums
De Dannan videos
Frankie Gavin

Dropkick MurphysDropkick Murphys

The Warriors
Dropkick Murphys videos

Dublin City RamblersDublin City Ramblers

Dublin City Ramblers videos

DublinersThe Dubliners

Rough Diamonds
Landmark Albums
Hit Records
Folk Revival
Changing Lineup
Hit by Tragedy
Dubliners videos

Flogging Molly-Los Angeles band with strong Celtic influence to their musicFlogging Molly

Screaming at the Wailing Wall
Flogging Molly Videos

The Fureys and Davey Arthur copyright Heinrich Klaffs cc2The Fureys
and Davey Arthur

The Fureys and Davey Arthur join forces
The Fureys and Davey Arthur Videos


Gaelic Storm

Proud of their Irish roots
Gaelic Storm videos

The High Kings are a traditional folk group The High Kings

High Kings videos

Horslips were a 1970s Celtic rock band Horslips

Horslips hit America
Horslips videos

Irish RoversThe Irish Rovers

Becoming Canadian Citizens
Irish Rovers vidoes

The Irish Tenors perform traditional Irish music with operatic style tenor vocals.Irish Tenors

Irish Tenors Videos


Split in 1975
Christy Moore and Planxty
Planxty videos

The PoguesThe Pogues

Poguetry in Motion
Sacking of Shane MacGowan
Pogues videos

Saw DoctorsSaw Doctors

Biggest selling single in Irish history
Lifetime achievement award
Saw Doctors videos


Sephira videos

The WaterboysThe Waterboys

Whole of the Moon single
Folk-rock phase
Heavy rock Dream Harder album
Putting W.B Yeats’ poetry to music
Waterboys videos

The Wolfe Tones - a political band - loud and proud Irish Republicans

The Wolfe Tones

Huge contract problems
Wolfe Tones videos