Audition for exciting new Irish musical

Singers are being invited to audition for an exciting new Irish musical

The Last Torch Cover
The Last Torch

The show, produced by Frances O’Neill, is called ‘The Last Torch’ and is described as being a cross between ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Les Miserables’.

It is a musical set in 16th century Ireland. It follows the story of the O’Rouke clan who helped survivors of a Spanish Armada Shipwreck defiance of orders from Queen Elizabeth I.

It an adventure that connects the past and present through music.

O’Neill said: “On many levels the Last Torch is a love story. It tells of the love of the Irish for their culture and land, the love for their children and their love for each other. It is romance and passion on the backdrop of conflict.”

The show will be premiered in Melbourne October 1st – 4th at the Malthouse Theatre, Southbank and will also be a part of Melboure’s Fringe Festival.

O’Neill will be holding auditions in July for the following parts: (Age ranges are guide only)

Briun O’Rourke: (Clan Leader): Baritone 30-45 years
MacSweeny: (Clan Leader) Baritone 30-45 years
Captain Francisco de Cuellar: (Spanish Captain) Tenor 30-45 years
Eleanor O’Rourke: (wife of O’Rourke, aristocrat): Mezzo Soprano 25-35 years
Erin O’Rourke: (niece of O’Rourke): Soprano 16 – 21 years
Queen Elizabeth I : Soprano/male counter tenor 30 – 45 years
Witches Chorus/Various Cameos: (Parts will be doubled – 6 men, 6 women)

Governor Bingham Clans: (men and woman)
Spaniard chorus: (Men)
John MacGuinness: (Tenor 30 – 45 years)
Mary MacGuinness: (Mezzo 30 – 45 years)Page (open)
Conn O’Rourke: (Briun’s Brother Baritone (30 – 45 years)
Head WitchPriestBard

If you are interested in auditioning please email Frances O’Neill [email protected]

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By Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish Music bands are Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys.