Emmet Cahill speaks about his upcoming tour

Emmet Cahill speaks to Irish Music Daily about his upcoming US tour

Irish solo artist Emmet Cahill is preparing to go back onto the road as he gears up for an American summer tour.

The former Celtic Thunder star has spoken to Irish Music Daily about the upcoming tour and what fans can expect from his latest show. He said: “It’ll be such a relaxed show – lots of songs and stories. I want people to feel they are calling over to my house for a sing song”

He added that he is looking forward to performing in front of his fans in America. He said: “It feels like I am just going to visit my extended family.”

Emmet Cahill speaks to Irish Music Daily about his upcoming US tourThanks to Emmet for taking the time to speak to us. Check out the Q&A below

Irish Music Daily: What can fans expect on the new tour? Do you try to give each tour a different theme or feel?

Emmet Cahill: I think people will get an opportunity to see a very different side of me on this tour.

I will be performing lots of Irish songs but very different to what I people have seen before. I am a big fan of the older Irish songs – made famous by the likes of John McCormack. There will also be lots of the older musical theatre songs in there, I’ll be doing some acoustic numbers on the guitar too. It will be a very intimate, relaxed show. I’ll be telling lots of stories and just generally having a laugh with the audience.

IMD: What kind of material…how do you find the right balance between old and new?

EC: I don’t really think about whether songs are old or new. I think a great song will always be great, no matter when it is written. I just find the songs I can really relate to, and then I put my own stamp on them – I think that’s the most natural thing to do when choosing to perform a particular song.

IMD: Will it be the kind of music and styles we’re used to…or will there be a few surprises?

EC: There will definitely be surprises. The great thing is that people are constantly asking me to sing particular songs that they love. This really helps me discover new music. There will be some of the ‘classics’ for sure but I think people will be pleasantly surprised at some of the songs I perform. I have a few gems that I haven’t got to perform in the states yet so it will be great to see how people react. There will definitely be some songs that will bring back memories for people – I love the feeling of nostalgia some songs give to an audience so that should be very interesting.

IMD: Will audience members be able to meet you after the shows?

EC: I will be doing pre-show meet and greets – a lot of these have sold out already but I think there are a few still left for some for some of the shows. I’ll be saying hello to as many people as I can after the shows. I will always make the effort to do that. I know the huge effort people make to come out and see my show so that is always something I really appreciate. I also know so many of the audience members at this stage – It honestly feels like I am going to visit my extended family!

IMD: What’s your relationship with Celtic Thunder now? Are we likely to see you performing with them again soon?

EC: This is the question I have been asked a lot lately. Obviously I miss the lads and being part of the Celtic Thunder family. It has been such a wonderful part of my life and has given me so much. I have some amazing memories with CT and have made so many friends for life in the show, as well as outside of it. I have got to know the fans very well and I keep in touch with as many people as I can. In terms of me joining the lads again – The music business always has a few surprises so you just never know!

Right now I am focused on releasing my album and enjoying every minute of this tour, and everything that tis year hold for me. See you all soon!

If you would like to see Emmet’s latest show check out his tour dates here

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