George Donaldson’s final album reaches number one on iTunes

A solo album by the late Celtic Thunder star George Donaldson has reached number one in the iTunes chart, just less than a year after he passed away.

The album, called ‘The Road’, was released by Donaldson’s wife Carolyn this week. It is the last material that he was working on at the time of his death.

George Donaldson, The Road

Donaldson had finished the vocals and also had the photos for the CD taken a week before he died in March last year.

While some of the music was also complete, there was plenty left to record and Carolyn has worked hard to make sure her husband’s final album would see the light of day.

The album features a compilation of songs that Donaldson had sung for the past 25 years. It includes the song How Long Will You Love Me, which he used to sing to his daughter when she was a baby.

It also features an original song, The Road, which Carolyn says was written “as a letter from his dad to his mum on his passing, to let her know that he would always be there for her”.

Jeanne Smith of the George Donaldson Street Team said: “He was very excited about this CD, and was scheduling a tour to celebrate it. Sadly he passed away before he could see it to fruition. He had wanted his daughter Sarah to play her fiddle on the CD, and she was able to do that at the end of one of the songs.”

The album was released on 17 February and went straight to number one on the iTunes chart and number two on Amazon.

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By Michael Kehoe

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