James Galway receives lifetime achievement award

Flautist James Galway has been given a Lifetime Achievement award from the National Concert Hall. Galway has had a career in music that spans over half a century.

He has played in the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and has collaborated with countless musicians from Ireland over the years. He is widely regarded as one of the best flautists in the world, and has the nickname the man with the golden flute.

Galway studied music in London and Paris as a youngster and went on to work in the best orchestras in London. He has had a wonderful career in music, working under the great classical conductor, Herbert von Karajan and recording an album with Irish music legends the Chieftains.

‘It’s a very very special honour’

He is the president of Flutewise, which is a charity that aims to help young flautists, and is an inspiring figure for all young musicians to look up to. Galway is no stranger to awards, he was knighted in 2001 for his outstanding contribution to music and has also been inducted into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame.

Speaking about receiving this Lifetime award, Galway said: “It’s a very, very special honour. It only happens once, it’s not like any other. It’s not like becoming a fellow of the royal college of music, where they’ve got millions of fellows of the royal college of music. This is a onetime only award and I’m very, very honoured.”

The award is only issued once a year to musicians who have made a significant contribution to Irish music.

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By Michael Kehoe

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