Johnny Depp says it is an honour to make movie about Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan

A movie produced by Hollywood legend Johnny Depp about the great Shane MacGowan is set to hit the cinemas in Ireland in November.

The film, which is brilliantly titled ‘Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan’ is a deeply honest portrayal of the flawed genius MacGowan.

The Pogues frontman has had a fascinating career which has included several highs and lows over the years.

The movie will follow MacGowan’s journey throughout his rise to fame with the Pogues as well as his venture into solo stardom.

It will include a variety of styles including animation, unseen footage and interviews with the star’s friends, family and musical colleagues.

Pirates of the Caribbean star Depp has been good friends with MacGowan for decades and says producing the movie about his friend has been a labour of love.

Deep said: “There are moments in life when you know this will happen one time and one time only, when you get the opportunity to spend time with greatness.

“Having known him [MacGowan] a long, long time I can only say I fell in love with him the second I met him and I’m still in love with him to this day.”

The film was directed by Julien Temple and features appearances from big name musicians such as Bono and Nick Cave.

Temple said that making a movie about the Celtic punk wildman MacGowan was similar to recording a nature documentary.

He said: “It’s not the easiest thing to make a film about Shane MacGowan. The nearest thing I can think of is one of those David Attenborough films.

“You set the camera traps. You wait and you wait, in the hope that one day the snow leopard will trigger them. Then when you do actually capture the unique force of Shane’s personality, even for a moment on screen, you realize it was all worthwhile.”

A statement released earlier this year said that the film intends to: “reveal Shane’s true punk and poetic nature, culminating in his 60th birthday celebration where singers, movie stars and rock ’n roll outlaws gathered for a knees-up to remember.”

Depp added: “Knowing Shane for 30 years, I am honored to be producing the definitive film on both my friend and one of the most important artists and beloved poets of the 20th century.”

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By Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish Music bands are Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys.