Lonely Sinead prefers America to Ireland

Sinead O’Connor has criticised her native Ireland and said she prefers living in America. In comments on her online journal, the singer accused Ireland of being “still in the witch burning Middle Ages”.

She said she feels lonely when in Ireland, because locals are stuck in the past, and don’t appreciate people who are different, adding: “The music business was created – for people like all us rockers. There’s no f**kin sense of rock and roll in Ireland at all. It’s a very lonely place for me consequently.”

O’Connor is no stranger to controversy and is famed for her outspoken views. She was involved in an online spat with American singer Miley Cyrus in September, where she posted an open letter to the young star advising her not to be manipulated by males in the music industry.

Comments will upset people in Ireland

Cyrus responded by taunting O’Connor on Twitter over her history with mental illness. This prompted a vicious backlash in the form of another online post from O’Connor.

She has also posted comments criticising music producer Simon Cowell and the current trend of TV talent shows creating manufactured pop groups, which block the way in the music business for genuine musicians and songwriters.

O’Connor’s latest posts are likely to upset many people in Ireland, who pride themselves on having created a modern and tolerant society.

The singer ended her post by appealing to America to adopt her as one of their own: “So, goodnight America. I wish you were Ireland. Please can you claim me? Can I seek artistic asylum if not physical?”

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By Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish music bands are the Dropkick Murphys and the Pogues.