New Christmas song catches hearts of Irish emigrants

A new Christmas song is catching the hearts of Irish families and emigrants all across the world.

The song, called I’m Coming Home, is dedicated to all those Irish who’ve had to leave home to find work abroad during the recent recession and, of course, over the last hundred years.

The video features messages from the Irish abroad to their families and from families in Ireland to their loved ones across the world. The emotion is getting to many people who are making the video a big success on YouTube.

The song was recorded by the band Jigsaw Jam and Keith O’Brien on Dublin’s Grafton Street among city shoppers.

Shane Davis, lead singer with Jigsaw Jam, told the Irish Echo: “The song focuses on the hundreds of thousands of Irish abroad this Christmas who will not be able to make it home for Christmas, a very poignant and current affair.”

The song is currently gaining 10,000 YouTube views a day and is growing fast. The band hope it will go viral and become a surprise hit this Christmas.

It will be available for download on iTunes on Friday.

The song is released as thousands of Irish people continue to emigrate in search of work. The Government fears a new brain drain but has so far failed to find a way of creating enough jobs to prevent people having to leave.

Michael Kehoe

Michael Kehoe is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish Music bands are Flogging Molly and the Dropkick Murphys.

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