Paul Byrom – raising money for a PBS special

Paul Byrom

Paul Byrom

Former Celtic Thunder star Paul Byrom is set to launch the next chapter of his solo career.

He’s inviting fans to help him along the way as he raises funds for a PBS Music Special – the kind of American TV spectacular that helped launch Celtic Thunder and numerous other acts.

Byrom enjoyed great success with Celtic Thunder and performed for hundreds of thousands of people across the world, including President Barack Obama. After three years with the group, he decided the time was right to resume his solo career.

He was grateful for the fantastic success he had enjoyed with Celtic Thunder but wanted to branch out and see if he could recreate that success on his own.

PBS helped launch Celtic Thunder & Celtic Woman

He’s built up a loyal fan base since going solo but in order to reach out to more people, he says he needs to do a show on the PBS channel in the United States. This would help introduce him to a whole new audience.

The careers of both Celtic Thunder and Celtic Woman took off after appearing in PBS specials.

However, PBS has had a number of funding cuts over recent years and in order to appear on the station, Byrom needs to raise $50,000 to bring the show to air. The money is to pay the production costs including pre-production planning, set design, studio and equipment rental, to filming, musician fees, engineering, mastering, mixing and distribution.

Without the backing of a major label, he is looking to raise the money through the kick starter website. Kick starter is a site that allows people to make donations to support their favourite artists.

Imagine Byrom in concert at your house

Speaking on his website, Byrom said: “I’m asking you today to possibly help me. Every dollar you donate will be hugely appreciated and will go an awful long way in what I hope will be a very successful career for me.”

Fans who pledge money to the cause will be able to claim various exclusive pledge incentives depending on the amount of money they donate. For example, for a $25 donation a fan would receive an exclusive signed photograph and a personal message of thanks on Facebook and Twitter.

For a $10,000 pledge, Byrom would come to your house to perform an hour long concert. He would stay after the concert to chat with the guests.

There are plenty of other incentives including personalised video greetings for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries for a $100 donation.

For more information on how you can make a donation and the different exclusive pledge incentives you will receive visit Paul Byrom’s Kickstart page.

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