Sinéad O’Connor may not join Sinn Féin

Irish singer Sinéad O’Connor has changed her mind about joining Sinn Féin as she fears she would be ‘bored sh*tless’.

In December last year, the outspoken singer had expressed her desire to join the political party as she wanted to see a ‘proper socialist Ireland’

Sinéad O'Connor will not join Sinn Féin

She immediately stirred things up by suggesting that the current leaders should step down.

However, it now seems that having had time to reflect on the idea that O’Connor has had second thoughts. She recently met with two party officials which caused her interest to fall.

She is passionate about ending partition. However, the officials she spoke to told her that it was such a ‘taboo subject’ in Ireland that Sinn Féin would be playing down the fact that it is on their agenda.

O’Connor said on her Facebook page this week: “They persuaded me that I’d be bored sh*tless, pretty much waiting for them to get into government before being able to help generate any national discussion on the issue of ending partition.

“There aren’t any plans for such national discussion to be generated in the Republic anytime soon, which seems pretty silly when you consider the fact that we’re all going to have to vote on the issue at some point, according to the terms of The Good Friday Agreement.

“I would have thought it sensible to have such discussions sooner rather than later, since there’s a lot of persuading to be done in the Republic as to why people should care enough to vote at all, never mind vote to end partition.”

The singer believes that the party need to ‘risk being braver’.

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By Michael Kehoe

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