Sinead O’Connor to renew her wedding vows

Sinead O’Connor has announced that she is going to renew her wedding vows with her fourth husband Barry Herridge.

Sinead O'Connor at the 1989 Grammy Awards
Sinead O’Connor

The couple married in Las Vegas two years ago but separated after just 16 days. However, they remained good friends and their on again off again marriage is firmly back on track.

Herridge was there for his estranged wife last year when she fell ill. O’Connor said: “Barry has been my absolute harbour when seas were rough.

“In the last two months when I was extremely ill with kidney stones and other health frights, the man moved in here and minded me like a queen [which of course I am] without asking for anything but to be a friend.”

As they grew closer again and rekindled their romance Herridge asked O’Connor if they could give their marriage another try.

O’Connor continued: “This is the most romantic story ever. I’ll tell it all one day when I write my book, when I’m an old lady. I also want to thank one valued special friend [G] for making all my dreams come true. God works in beautifully mysterious ways. I owe you my happiness. You’re an angel.”

It is set to be an eventful years for the singer who also has a new album coming out and will be announcing tour dates in the near future.

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By Michael Kehoe

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