Irish band from Ukraine reach out to fans to support their live online gigs

Irish band from Ukraine reach out to fans to support their live online gigs

A band from Ukraine who play traditional Irish songs have taken to performing online concerts because the war in their country has prevented them from being able to work normally.

The Jollys have been performing classic Irish folk songs for more than a decade after they formed in 2012.

They have gained fans in countries all around the world thanks to their energetic performances and enthusiasm for Irish songs.

Like all Ukrainian people, the members of the band have suffered a terrible time in their homeland since the Russian invasion.

Thankfully, they have managed to stay safe throughout the conflict.

However, the band has been unable to do what it does best, entertain and delight people with their music.

The war has meant that they cannot perform concerts and gigs in their country, and it has also prevented them from travelling abroad to play elsewhere.

The Jollys have refused to stop doing what they love and have decided to bring their music to the world through online concerts.

Lead singer Nick Mazurenko explained that as well as not being able to perform, the band members have also lost their jobs because of the war.

This puts them in a difficult financial position. They hope their fans will donate money during their live online concerts to help them make ends meet.

The Jollys have a back catalogue of Irish classics on their YouTube page and have built up a strong following during their decade in the music business.

Their channel contains great performances of numerous classic Irish folk tunes such as Whiskey in the Jar, The Star of County Down, Will Ye Go Lassie Go, the Wild Rover and many more.

It is a great sign of the bond between the Jollys and Irish music and its community.

As the band find themselves in difficult times, they are reaching out to their fans for support.

The concerts are being held every week and broadcast around the world live on YouTube.

Anyone is welcome to join the online concert and enjoy the Irish music. Those who wish to donate to the band can do so through various digital methods such as PayPal and online transfer. All details are on the Jollys YouTube page.

The Jollys will continue to perform their live online gigs once a week, until the situation in their country allows them to return to their normal lives.

Until then, they will stay connected with their fans online, and hope to receive some support during this terrible time in their native Ukraine.

Visit the links below to find out more about the Jollys and their live concerts.

Jollys Facebook page

Jollys YouTube page

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