Bono and The Edge reveal U2 was the band name they ‘disliked the least’

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U2 are one of the most iconic rock bands in the world and have sold more than 150 million albums throughout their 40 years at the top of the music industry.

However, the band may never have been – at least under the name U2.

Frontman Bono and guitarist The Edge revealed in an interview that they were never fully sold on the name U2, and went ahead with it only because it was the one they ‘disliked the least’.

The rockers were speaking to the Awards Chatter podcast and took a look back at their four decades of success and explained there were a few tough times along the way, including picking the right name for the band.

The original name for the Dublin band was going to The Hype, but they chose to change it for something sounding more original.

U2 was suggested by a friend of the group and ultimately, it was the name they went with and it has seen them go on to huge success and a place in rock legend.

Guitarist The Edge said: “Of the suggestions, it wasn’t that it U2 jumped out to us as the name we were really looking for, but it was the one that we hated the least.”

Frontman Bono agreed and also added that he has never been a fan of his own singing voice in U2 and cringes when he hears his songs.

“A big discovery for me was listening to the Ramones and hearing the beautiful kind of sound of Joey Ramone and realising I didn’t have to be that rock and roll singer.

Bono cringes at his own voice and only likes it on one U2 song

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By Andrew Moore

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