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In 1991, Clannad released the album, Anam, which is Irish for ‘soul’. It was a return to their earlier sound.

Magical Ring and Harry’s Game
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Pól had left by then to pursue a solo career and the band continued as a quartet.

The US version of the album featured the In a Lifetime duet with Bono and the Theme from Harry’s Game, which was already familiar to Americans who had heard it in the movie, The Patriot Game, and a Volkswagen advert.

Theme From Harry’s Game won the Billboard Music Award for World Music Song of the Year.

Clannad with some of their awards

Clannad with some of their awards

Grammy nominations and awards

The band’s 13th album, Banba, was released in 1994. Banba is an old mythical name for Ireland. It was a hit with critics and reached number one in the World Music Chart. It featured the song, I Will Find You, which was written for Last of the Mohicans. The album sold over a million copies and was also nominated for a Grammy.

Moya said it was “a fusion of various styles of music, growing out of a traditional Gaelic root.”

Their follow up album, Lore was released in 1996. It was a blend of jazz, traditional and contemporary music. The band embarked on a world tour to promote the album.

During the year they were given a lifetime achievement award from the Irish Music Recording industry.

Their 15th and final album to date, Landmarks, was released in 1997. It had strong Celtic influences and featured lyrics about Ireland’s past, present and future.

It earned Clannad a Grammy for Best New Age Album and is one of the most famous Irish albums ever made.

Continuing to perform live

Clannad haven’t recorded any new material since but released their Greatest hits in 2003 and the Duggan Twins recorded the album, Rubicon, together in 2005.

The band continues to perform live and in 2011 they played three nights at Christ Church Cathedral TempleBar TradFest in Dublin.

They had originally only been booked for one performance but tickets went so fast the two more dates were added.

They will be touring the USA and Canada from September to November 2012.

Magical Ring and Harry’s Game
World Song of the Year
Clannad Videos
Bands main page

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