Creed’s Cross – fusion of rock and traditional

Creed’s Cross are a Celtic rock band from Ireland who are developing a strong fan base thanks to their high energy performances.

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They successfully fuse the attitude and spirit of rock with the melodies and instruments of traditional music. This has made them firm favourites with fans of all ages and nationalities.

Creed’s Cross – ‘Paddy rock’ fusion of rock and traditional

Creed’s Cross

The band consists of guitarists Bart Foley from Dublin and Denis Dowling of Kildare, both of whom also provide vocals. They are backed up by Bob Skeet on bass, Brian Kelly on banjo and mandolin, Mark Conyard on banjo and fiddle and Pete Jupp on drums. The band sometimes perform with two drummers in which case Grant Wildy is added to the line-up.

Rock and traditional influences

They have several influences from the worlds of both rock and folk including Moving Hearts, Stockton’s Wing, Thin Lizzy and Foo Fighters.

Foley describes Creed’s Cross’ sound as ‘Paddy rock’. He told Irish Music Daily: “We believe this is a new twist on fusing Rock and traditional instruments together while still not straying too far off the Irish Themed path.”

Their name comes from a crossroads near to the house where Foley was born. However, it is also a reference to their music as their sound is where ‘creeds cross’.

Foley said: “It doesn’t matter what religion colour or creed you are, you are always welcome to join our clan. Like a lyric from the ‘Irish Band’ says, ‘Both North and South and all in the middle, will join together for the Irish Band’”.

Considerable experience in the Creed’s Cross ranks

While Creed’s Cross is a relatively new band, the members have amassed considerable experience in the music industry. The members have either been in or played alongside acts such as been in or played with FM, Wishbone Ash, Shane McGowan, The All Saints and Randy Bachman at one time or another.

Their debut album ‘Gods & Fighting Men’ was released in March 2014 and they are set to hit the festivals of Europe in the summer followed by their own headline tour.

Check out the video for The ‘Irish Band’ by Creed’s Cross.

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