Dom Duff – singer songwriter from Brittany

Irish music crosses international boundaries and has influenced performers all across the world – among them is Dom Duff from Brittany, France.

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Dom, who plays guitar, bodhran and mandolin, is a brilliant singer songwriter with a strong following in France and across Europe.

He was the main driving force behind the band Diwall before leaving in 2007 to pursue his career as singer-songwriter.

Difference between folk and rock is the amp

Dom Duff

Dom Duff

Dom lists his influences as Luka Bloom, Horslips, Alan Stivell, Kevin Coyne and Dire Straits.

He has a style all of his own though, a sound he describes as “deep acoustic, close to electric”.

He is a happy mixing acoustic and amplified music. He believes the distinction is unimportant when compared with the actual quality of the music.

As he says, the difference between folk and rock is the amp.

Exploring and developing Celtic music

Dom likes to sing in his native Breton, which is part of the Celtic family of languages.

He likes to explore Breton melodies and work on the rhythms provide by syllables in the Breton language.

He has teamed up with two Celtic soul mates – Welsh singer Andy Jones, and the Irish musician Colm O’Snodaigh, who plays with Irish band Kila – to create a band called Brythonics.

Dom describes this as a Celtic concept band, which will explore Celtic music perform occasional concerts.

 Combining three Celtic languages

Brythonics aim to fuse the music of their three Celtic backgrounds – Ireland, Wales and Brittany.

They sing in Irish, Welsh and Breton during their concerts and also throw in a little English for good measure.

Dom and his band have performed extensively throughout Europe and are planning tours of the United States, Canada and South America.


Dom’s recorded work includes:

With bands and other artists

Diwall: Dansall & Nijal 1997

Diwall: Setu ar Vuhez 1999

Alan Stivell: Emerald 2009

Skilda: 2006


Dom Duff as a solo artist

Straed an Amann 2003

Lagan 2005

E-Unan 2008

Roc’h 2010
BRYTHONICS : Dom Duff – Andy Jones – Colm O’Snodaigh

Dom Duff
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