Foggy Dew Videos

The Foggy Dew has been recorded by several leading Irish performers.

Birth of the Irish Republic by Walter Paget showing the General Post Office in Dublin during the shelling Image copyright Ireland Calling

Foggy Dew
Irish feelings about the Easter Rising
Lyrics and Chords

It is perhaps most widely associated with The Wolfe Tones. Other notable recordings include those by The Dubliners, The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem, The Young Dubliners, Shane MacGowan and many more.
Here are The Wolfe Tones performing Foggy Dew.

Here’s The Dubliners.

Shane MacGowan and Alan Stivell performing The Foggy Dew

Sinead O’Connor also recorded a slow, beautifully haunting version of the song with The Chieftains.

Recordings of Banks of Moorlough Shore

Sinead O’Connor has also recorded the Moorlough Shore, which uses the same melody as The Foggy Dew but has completely different lyrics.

Caroline Lavalle and the the Irish pop group, The Corrs, have also recorded this song.

Foggy Dew
Irish feelings about the Easter Rising
Foggy Dew Videos
Lyrics and Chords

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