Gaelic Storm – Modern/Traditional Irish Rockers

Gaelic Storm are a traditional Irish band with a modern contemporary edge.

Gaelic Storm
Proud of their Irish roots
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They have released several albums and appeared in some of the biggest movies and video games in the world. They tour extensively and are known for their energetic live performances.

Gaelic Storm are a traditional Irish band with a modern contemporary edge

Gaelic Storm

In 1996, singer Patrick Murphy was manager of O’Brien’s Pub and Restaurant in Santa Monica, California. Gaelic Storm formed when Murphy invited his friends, Steve Twigger, Steve Wehmeyer and Brian Walsh to join him and perform at his bar.

Appearing in the Titanic

They proved to be very popular and played several gigs over the following year. This led to them appearing in the movie, Titanic, which at the time was the highest grossing film ever made. They were the steerage band who performed An Irish Party in Third Class.

Final-versionTheir exposure from the Titanic movie led to them going on tour and their popularity grew rapidly. They released their first album, Gaelic Storm in 1998.

It featured several traditional Irish songs including Hills of Connemara which was featured in Titanic when the main characters, Rose and Jack, danced together.

Herding Cats and performing live

They released their second album, Herding Cats, the following year. It contained traditional love songs and drinking songs as well as some fast paced instrumentals that were inspired by some heavy drinking sessions. By now the band were touring extensively, visiting countries all over the world and playing well over 100 gigs per year.

The band love nothing more than performing live. Twigger said: “We are first and foremost a live band. We got together to play music. To enjoy ourselves and enjoy being out with the audience. As the world has gotten darker, people have come and found us as a means to escape.”

Gaelic Storm
Proud of their Irish roots
Gaelic Storm videos
Bands main page

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