The Irish Brigade…the Rebel Heart of Ireland

The Irish Brigade are Ireland’s leading Rebel Band. They come from Co Tyrone and started performing together in 1981. Since then they have brought their own distinctive style of Nationalist songs to a wide audience across Ireland and beyond.

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They mix traditional Irish songs with modern material coming directly from the political situation in the north. Songs they’ve written themselves include The Sam Song, My Old Man’s A Provo, A Prisoners Anthem and the The Brixton Busters.

These are some of their songs.

Ballad of Bobby Sands

Bobby Sands died while staging a hunger strike in the Maze Prison in 1981 as a protest against the removal of Special Category Status for Republican prisoners. To the embarrassment of the British Government, he was elected as a MP while on strike.

The Irish Brigade’s first album, Roll of Honour, was a tribute to the 10 men who died while on hunger strike that year.

Only our Rivers Run Free

Written by Co Fermanagh songwriter Mickey MacConnell

Danny Boy

The traditional ballad with extra verse relating to Irish freedom.

The Streets of Gibraltar

The story of Republicans Mairead Farrell, Sean Savage and Dan McCann who were unarmed when they were shot by British soldiers on March 6 1988.

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