Kilmaine Saints – East Coast US Celtic Rockers

Kilmaine Saints are a Celtic rock group from the US who combine rock and punk with traditional instruments. They have recorded and released several songs and played all along the East Coast of the US.

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The band have a growing army of fans who love the energy of their music and live performances. They say: “We’ve never set out to be or do anything specific. We just set out to play the music we wanted to hear. And we’ve been amazed and humbled by the reception!”

The band consists of singer and bodhran player, Brendan Power, guitarist, Barry Mills, Bill Brown, who plays the bazouki , banjo, tin whistle, bagpipes and bass, Liz Mallin on fiddle and bass , bagpipe player and bassist, John Heller and drummer, Mike McNaughton.

Kilmaine Saints

Kilmaine Saints

The right balance of traditional instruments

Their sound is infectious and hard to resist. They told Irish Music Daily: “We try very hard to get a balance of traditional instruments and not rely on just one or two so we incorporate some songs with bagpipes, others with fiddle, others with tin whistle, others with accordion, etc.

“We also have very diverse members and several song writers that give us a few different styles of songs as well.”

They play Irish/Celtic style music because it is part of their heritage. Singer Brendan was born in Ireland and all of the members have Irish or Scottish roots. They feel an immediate connection with their ancestry when they play the music.

Great local music undiscovered by the masses

They list their obvious influences as The Pogues, Dropkick Murphys, and Flogging Molly. However they also say they are influenced by several of the lesser known bands and artists that they have shared a stage with during their career.

They say:” There’s so much great music out there and much of it is local and undiscovered by the masses.”

Kilmaine Saints play in large and small venues as well as festivals, concert halls and private parties. They’re continually expanding from their home base in Harrisburg, PA and have played all over the East Coast of the United States and as far west as Michigan.

They have released two albums to date; The Good, The Plaid, & The Ugly in 2010 and Drunken Redemption in 2012.

Kilmaine Saints
Kilmaine Saints Videos
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