Larry Keogh – singer songwriter from Leitrim

Larry Keogh is a singer songwriter originally from Newbridge, Co. Kildare. He has lived in Leitrim for the last 12 years. Here he speaks about his career in his own words:

Larry Keogh the emigrant
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Born in Newbridge Co. Kildare, music was always around our family. Every social gathering would ultimately end in a sing song where everyone would have to perform their party piece.

When my family moved to Longford, I started playing in bands from the age of 12, where I used to get £5 for playing and singing in the local village pub.

Larry Keogh Irish singer songwriter from Newbridge

Larry Keogh

Folk rock band

As I got older I began playing with a folk rock band doing both original material and covers from artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and The Kinks.

Alas, after moderate success, the band ran its course and I emigrated to Tenerife, with my wife Geraldine, to play in an Irish Bar.

Six months later we went to London and finally settled down in Luton. I formed a two piece covers band with an old friend and played all over London and Luton under the watchful eye of our agent, Johnny Green.

After working at every type of job under the sun from insurance salesman to milkman, I finally got a chance to train as a brickie. We spent 6 years in England where both our children were born.

Setting up LG Studios

We returned to Ireland in 1991 and after a short time in construction decided to set up LG Studios in Longford. We were the first 24 track Digital studio in the Midlands. We had great success recording Irish artists including Frankie Gavin, Charlie McGettigan, Johnny McEvoy, Donal Lunny and many many more.

The studio became very well known, particularly for its suitability for Irish traditional music. This was due in no small part to our sound engineer Paul Gurney. Paul is a gifted musician/producer/engineer whose last band “Rig the Gig” had a huge following both in Ireland and abroad.

Myself and Paul recorded during the day and played as a two piece band called “Two Limited”, at night. Our most memorable gig without doubt was when we performed at the Point Theatre, with Marc Roberts in the 1997 Eurovision song Contest with John Farry’s “Mysterious Woman”.

Return to music after building boom

When the building boom hit Ireland, I decided to close the studio and start contracting. The music took a back seat and I ran a successful building company until the economy took a turn for the worst.

This gave me time return to my favourite hobby, music. I put together a small album with traditional Irish songs and music that I had recorded from other artists over the years called “Jigs Reels and a little bit more”.

Larry Keogh
Larry Keogh the emigrant
Larry Keogh Videos
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