Mundy – independent Irish singer-songwriter

Mundy is a singer-songwriter from Birr, Co. Offaly in Ireland.

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His nickname, Mundy, is a shortened version of his real name, Edmund Enright. He is a fiercely independent songwriter who values his artistic freedom more than commercial sales figures.
This is a trait that hasn’t always gone down well with record company executives but has delighted his fans and allowed him to become the artist he is today.

Mundy, Irish singer-songwriter
He is equally adept at writing sensitive acoustic songs and upbeat crowd favourites. He is also an accomplished performer at live stage shows.

To You I Bestow

When he was 18 he moved to Dublin and began performing at open mic nights at the International Bar as well as busking on the famous Grafton Street.

After spending two years on the Dublin club scene, Mundy was signed by Epic Records. He released his debut single, To You I Bestow, on New Year’s Day, 1996. The song was used in the Baz Luhrmann film, Romeo and Juliet.

Later that year, Mundy’s debut album, Jelly Legs, was released and sold 50,000 copies worldwide.

Arguments with his record label

As Mundy started work on his second album, he became increasingly frustrated with his record company. They wanted a more commercial sound while Mundy was determined to maintain his artistic freedom.

It became clear that neither side would back down and Mundy left the record company in early 2000. He set up his own label, Camcor Records, and released the EP, The Moon is a Bullethole.

It was well received by both fans and critics and it gave Mundy the confidence that he could survive without the support of a major record label.

24 Star Hotel and Raining Down Arrows

His second album, 24 Star Hotel, was released in April 2002 although many of the songs had been written as early as 1996. The album was a big success and became one of the biggest selling independent records of the year. By 2004, it had become double platinum in Ireland.


It contained the song, July, which was about the Irish summertime. Both July and another song, Mexico, got a lot of airplay on Irish radio which helped Mundy gain a bigger following.

In 2004, Mundy released his third album, Raining Down Arrows, which was recorded in Texas. It was his first album to top the Irish charts. Following its release, Mundy toured the UK and also played headline shows in France and Holland. He also supported both the White Stripes and Oasis for their gigs in Ireland.

Speaking about Raining Down Arrows, Mundy said: “Having been to Austin, Texas a couple of times and fallen in love with the place I thought that it would be the next place to record. The reasons being… I bought the hat from 24*hotel there. .. I saw Lucinda Williams there and the fact that I could sleep on the couch of Mark Addison and his wife Nina and make a back to basics record.”

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