Sahara – Roots in the Dublin music scene

We met while performing in gigs on the Dublin music scene back in the eighties.

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After forming a duo called ‘Interfusion’ we recorded a single of the first song we co-wrote called ‘Vision of Glory’ which received airplay on RTE radio.

Our live performances ranged from city centre venues including Trinity College, The Dame Tavern, The Baggot Inn, Parliament Inn to being part of a gala night for the American Ambassador at the American Embassy Dublin and a live performance on the RTE Davis At Large TV show.

Part of Australian music scene

After a couple of gigs across the water in England we made the decision to travel further afield to the ‘land downunder’. A change of name to ‘Sahara’ and a few supports to some major international acts, we were well on the road to becoming part of the Australian independent music scene.

The success of our song ‘Make My Day’ from our debut CD release ‘Vision’ becoming No. 1 on the first internet charts led the way to years of writing, recording and touring around Australia.


The name ‘Sahara’ spread due to numerous TV and live to air radio performances and interviews. The release of our second CD Sahara ‘Live @ The Malthouse’ followed our concert at the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne which was webcast frequently from a celtic website in New York called ‘CelticTV’.

The next release was ‘A New Beginning’ a selection of songs written while on concert tour around Australia and we have just recently released an EP version of this CD on iTunes.

Instrumental ‘Eblana’ is radio show theme music

Our latest CD is ‘There is this place I go’ which we are currently promoting. Delighted to say it is receiving great reviews, global airplay and best of all it is selling well from internet music sites. The instrumental ‘Eblana’ (ancient name for Dublin) which features the flageolet has now been selected as the theme music to the Splash Radio ‘Chris Duval Presents’ show based in the UK.

At the moment we are in the final recording stages of our next CD which we hope to release later this year and are writing a lot of new material which will go onto the follow up album. So never a dull moment… and that’s the way we like it!!

Sahara is: Trish Long on vocals, saxes, flute, flageolet, recorder and sequencing, and Dave Long on vocals, guitar, keyboards and sequencing.

What the critics have said:

Australian music scene success

“One of the great success stories of the Australian music scene… with musicianship that has been distilled by time and space, you are an audience to the best duo in this music category.

“Dave Long has one of the rare gorgeous male vocals in the tradition of Sting and Steve Winwood… I’m sure no one would question Trish Long’s expertise with the sax and other instruments apart from the fact that she has a voice that could rival Celine Dion’s yet has the Irish gorgeousness”.

Inspirational music – blend of folk, rock and soul

The Celtic Music Fan “Dave has an almost eerie “Sting” feel to his vocals, whilst Trish’s singing is very akin to the very popular and respected Ellen Foley” Late Nite TV USA “Dave’s rock vocals are tremendous….the sax playing is to die for” Irish Bands Live UK “their inspirational music, a tidy blend of folk, rock and soul is a celebration of hope, dreams and love” The Age Melbourne “Sahara indulges our senses with Tears, one of the highlights of the album.

It is a soft, murmuring instrumental that will take you to far away Celtic lands…” The Planet Newspaper “The Floyd-esque Vision of Glory is an emotive, haunting refrain” Adelaide Advertiser.

Reviews for latest CD ‘There is this place I go’

Melodic and contemporary ambiance

“a hauntingly ethereal, yet melodic and contemporary ambiance. Easy listening overall, yet pop enough to appeal to a wide audience” 67 Music “The lyrics have a metaphysical / devotional aspect to them… smooth, seamless and satisfying, Sahara’s music goes down real easy, like ice cream on a hot summer day.” IndieMusicReview “There is this place I go – what a beautiful song… they’re great, I’m playing more of them in the future” The Independent Music Show.

Take a look at some of our videos. We’ll be adding more on a regular basis so make sure you come soon. We are always writing, recording and developing our music.


Sahara Videos
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