Sinead McNally – folk, pop and classical

Sinead McNally is an Irish singer and pianist. Her music is a fusion of styles ranging from folk to pop and classical that she enjoyed when she was growing up.

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She has released three singles and written songs that have been released by other artists. Her live shows take her audience on a rollercoaster of emotions as she shares the highs and lows of her life through her music.

Sinead McNally

Sinead McNally

Classically trained musician

She is a classically trained pianist and a traditional Irish fiddle player and Irish dancer. Irish songs have always been at the core of her love for music but she also enjoyed learning the music of the great composers.

McNally’s music is energetic and full of emotion and she works from the heart. She mixes all styles to form something popular with a bit of an edge. It has been described in Hot Press as ‘pop/rock’. It is also very much piano based writing.

When she was growing up she was influenced by Irish artists like Mary and Frances Black, The Dubliners, Micheal O’Suilleabhain and the music of Riverdance.

She also really enjoyed great pop acts like Michael Jackson. She listens to a lot of Gavin De Graw and Coldplay, whose styles of performance are very similar to her own.

First three singles

In 2011, she released her first three singles, Moody Blues, Dance With Me and The Green Eyed Monster. They were all released independently and are available on ITUNES for 99cent.

Her first recording and studio experience was at 13 years old, when she recorded her first demo of four songs. Since then, she has popped in and out of studios many times. However, 2011 was the first year she officially released music herself.

In 2004, she wrote a song called Losing You. It was runner up in the competition for Ireland’s Eurovision song entry that year and was recorded by James Kilbane and released by Sony.

Live shows take audiences on a journey

In McNally’s live performances, she takes her audience on a journey of highs and lows. She likes to keep them guessing. She said: “I work very hard in the run up to my gigs, ensuring there is a real balance of highs and lows throughout the performance.

“I also like to ensure that the audience feel part of my life, the stories, the highs and the lows and I like to tell them a little about where the songs have come from. It is important to me to surprise the audience and give them a great night of entertainment.”

She constantly tours throughout Ireland and the UK as well as North America. She said: “I love being on stage and feel very comfortable performing. I have been performing in Ireland since I left my job as a primary school teacher in 2010 and but plan to gig in the UK later this year and the USA in 2013.

“I have a lot of family in Canada so it is important to me that I get there to perform for them in the coming year or two.”


Sinead McNally
Sinead McNally Videos
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