Weep on Weep on – poem by Thomas Moore

The air The song of sorrow was the music used for the song Weep on, Weep on.

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Below is the original illustration to the poem, Weep on Weep on, from Moore’s Irish Melodies 1846 edition.


Weep On, Weep On Lyrics and Chords

Weep [Em7]on, weep on, [D]your [Bm]hour [D7]is [G]past;
Your [D]dreams of [G]pride are [D]o’er;
The [G]fatal chain is [Bm]round [D7]you [G]cast,
And [D]you are [G]men no [D]more.
In [Am]vain the [G]hero’s [D]heart [G]hath [D]bled;
The [Am7]sage’s [C]tongue [G]hath [D]warned in [G]vain;–
Oh, [Am7]Freedom! [G]once thy [Bm]flame [D7]hath [G]fled,
It [D]never [G]lights a[D]gain.[G] [D]
Weep on–perhaps in after days,
They’ll learn to love your name;
When many a deed may wake in praise
That long hath slept in blame.
And when they tread the ruined isle,
Where rest, at length, the lord and slave,
They’ll wondering ask, how hands so vile
Could conquer hearts so brave?
“‘Twas fate,” they’ll say, “a wayward fate
Your web of discord wove;
And while your tyrants joined in hate,
You never joined in love.
But hearts fell off, that ought to twine,
And man profaned what God had given;
Till some were heard to curse the shrine,
Where others knelt to heaven!”

Song of Sorrow

The air, Song of Sorrow was arranged by Charles Villiers Stanford in 1895. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any videos or midis of this air. If anyone can help?

Below is the musical score of the air, The song of sorrow.



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