You Remember Ellen silent movie from 1912

The story of You Remember Ellen was still popular more than 100 years after Moore first wrote it.

You Remember Ellen
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Its sentimentality appealed to a wide cross section of people in the 19th and early 20th century.

In 1912, the story was turned into a silent movie by the Kalem Company film studios in New York.

You Remember Ellen starred Gene Gauntier and Jack J Clark. It lasted only 12 minutes and was shot on location in Ireland.

‘O’Kalems’ famous for their Irish films

The film company shot several other films based on Irish themes – including Rory O’ Moore by Samuel Lover, The Gypsies of Old Ireland and The Colleen Bawn.

In fact Kalem made so many Irish films they earned themselves the nickname of The O’Kalems.

They planned to build a permanent studio in Co Kerry but had to withdraw because of the outbreak of the First World War.

You Remember Ellen silent movie

Their silent movie version of ‘You Remember’ Ellen contained inter titles between scenes featuring lines from Moore’s poem.



Were I a Clerk melody (to Irish writer Thomas Moore song - You Remember Ellen) from abc notation

You Remember Ellen
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