Fureys perform classic song for St Patrick’s Day

Fans of the Fureys are in for a treat as George and Eddie have recorded a video with the Irish Independent for St Patrick’s Day.

The video features the brothers performing the classic folk song ‘Come By The Hills’ – as Eddie says: “It’s a great song for St Patrick’s Day’.

The Fureys' St Patrick's Day video

In an interview with the Independent the Fureys reminisced about old times and told some great stories.

One involving the Irish writer Brendan Behan was first told to Eddie by Behan’s brother Dominic.

Eddie recalls the story: “Brendan came over with the wife and he was being interviewed on TV. He got an escort from the New York cops into the city. The TV host said to Brendan: ‘Isn’t it great how you got the police motor escort into New York? Would you be getting that at home in Ireland by the police?’

“‘I would,’ answered Brendan, ‘But I’d be handcuffed to them!’”

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Check out the video below

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By Michael Kehoe

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