Postcards from Ireland – Celtic Woman album is a delight

Postcards from Ireland - Celtic Woman album is a delight

Celtic Woman have added their beautiful voices and harmonies to some of Ireland’s most loved songs on their new album Postcards from Ireland.

The female supergroup are famous for their performances of traditional folk songs.

Their stunning dresses and fantastic singing voices add a sense of magic and modern-day glamour to the old trad tunes that have been played in pubs and bars around the world for generations.

Celtic Woman regularly perform in packed out arenas to thousands of people and are delighted to be able to keep the traditional folk tunes alive and introduce them to new audiences.

Their new album, Postcards from Ireland, features several folk tunes that have their own place in trad history.

Trad scene classics such as Wild Mountain Thyme, Down By the Salley Gardens and The Galway Shawl are all featured on the album.

It is a great gift idea for any fans of Irish music, or even those wanting to get closer to their Celtic heritage.

The album is available on numerous streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Celtic Woman are one of the best groups in the world with regards to performing classic folk songs in a modern era.

The album is a great connection between the traditional folk music of history and the 21st century performance and production levels.

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By Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish music bands are the Dropkick Murphys and the Pogues.