Sharon Shannon finds love again with deceased partner’s brother

Sharon Shannon finds love again with deceased partner’s brother

Irish trad music star Sharon Shannon has been describing how has found love again with the brother of her deceased lover.

Multi-instrumentalist Sharon, who has performed with a host of top stars and feature’s on Mundy’s chart topping Galway Girl, says some people feel her new relationship is weird but says it seems quite natural and normal to her.

Sharon Shannon finds love again with deceased partner’s brother

Her long-term partner Leo Healy died in 2008. Sharon hardly knew his brother Jimmy at the time but they began seeing each other in 2010 and have been dating ever since. She told RTE Guide that the two men were very close and Jimmy was devastated by Leo’s death.

Sharon, who’s 48 and a former member of the Waterboys, said: “I didn’t really know Jimmy that well back then but we became friends after Leo died.

“Jimmy was heartbroken as well and he helped me through a really tough time. For ages, we were the best of friends and then we got together.

“Now some people think that is weird, but it seemed just natural to us. He’s a good man and very good for me.”

Sharon says she still misses Leo, who died in his sleep in the Galway home they shared together.

“I still miss Leo and I see him sometimes in my dreams. I have lots of lovely pictures of him up around my house.

“He made loads of furniture as he was great with his hands and very artistic. For example, I’d draw a fiddle and he’d make a piece from it and I have those pieces still, all ‘round my home.

“He wasn’t a huge fan of Irish music, but he was a big fan of Phil Lynott and rock ‘n’ roll.

“In a way, he educated me in that music as well.”

Sharon also spoke to RTE about her mother Mary, who died in 2014. “There were 12 days towards the end, just before she died, which were horrible.

“But I like to remember my mum with her love of music and dancing. I have this great video of her in her later years, where she is dancing around my kitchen wearing these Willie Nelson plaits.

“She loved when I released an album and would always get a great kick out of my music.”

Sharon said she found solace in her music during those dark days. “Music is such a healer. I find that it helps me emotionally and physically.

“Even when I feel unwell, if I get on stage, I get this energy and feel better in that moment.”

Sharon plays the accordion, tin whistle and fiddle and has performed in front of leading world figures like President Clinton.

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