#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles hashstag is taking over Twitter

The latest Twitter hashtag has seen two of Ireland’s most famous characteristics merge to create some great fun.

Were you ‘Bodhrán to Be Wild’? Have you been ‘Shamrocking all over the world’? Or do you prefer to ‘Go you’re Galway’?

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles hashstag is taking over Twitter. Photo copyright Nat Ch Villa CC2

These are just a few of the great Tweets posted by fans of Irish music and craic using the hashtag #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles.

Ireland is famous for its traditional folk music, and loving the craic is possibly what our people are most known for around the world.

This hashtag beautifully joins the two, much to the amusement of all who scroll through them.

No artists are safe. Meatloaf, Queen, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Johnny Cash, Aqua, Madness, Beyonce… there is pretty much no limit to the songs that could be ‘turned Irish’ with just a little imagination.

Here is just a selection of some of the best on Twitter at the moment. Have you got some of your own to add?

In the Eire tonight #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles All we hear is Radio GAA GAA

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles Hurls Just Wanna Have Fun! 😨

Munster Mash #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles I’m A Blarney Girl

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles Sinn Fein in the Membrane

‘Ooh, I wanna riverdance with somebody ‘ #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles you got me begging you for Murphy 🎶🍀😉

My Heart Will Go On Go On Go On #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

Heads, shoulders, Neeson toes, Neeson toes…” #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

Craggy Trousers #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

All The Fingal Ladies #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

Like a Pat out of Hell #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles What’s the story, top o’the morning glory?

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles is shillaly going out with him 🎶🤣🍀

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles Whip Craic Away

I’m gonna knock you out, Mammy said knock you out #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles I came in like a feckin ball 🎶🎤😲

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles Harp of glass

Goodness gracious, great balls of Eire! #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

Galways Look on the Bright Side of Louth #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

When Will I Be Seamus? #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

#SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles In the Eire tonight

Papa was a Blarney Stone #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

You say ‘potato’, I say ‘potato’… #SongsFromTheEmeraldIsles

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By Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is a writer for Irish Music Daily and Ireland Calling. His favourite Irish music bands are the Dropkick Murphys and the Pogues.