Star Wars wedding & Princess Leia honeymoon for Siva

Irish pop star Siva Kaneswaran has revealed he hopes to marry his fiancé Nareesha McCaffrey in a Star Wars themed wedding.
Siva Kaneswaran. Photo Copyright - Daniel Åhs Karlsson CC3
The Wanted singer admits to being a major Star Wars geek, and has even planned for his bandmates, Max George, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and Jay McGuinness, to dress up as aliens on the big day: “Personally, I want a Star Wars-themed wedding. I can be Han Solo if I grow my hair a bit longer. They (his bandmates) will take on the roles of creatures from the movie and can act out a few scenes.

“I need Nareesha to agree to the thing first and if she says yes I can move on and be more creative. I will get some lighting guys in and that kind of thing.”

Kaneswaran, who has a Sri Lankan father and an Irish mother, then revealed his hopes for his honeymoon: “After the wedding, for the honeymoon, Nareesha can dress up in the Princess Leia outfit, including skimpy clothes and the chains on her head.”

You have to admire the young man’s ambition, although he did admit that his sci-fi wedding is probably a pipe dream. Kaneswaran said that he expects his fiancé to put an end to his plans in favour of a more traditional ceremony, conceding: “It’s probably not going to happen.”

The Dublin heart throb is currently touring across America, along with the rest of The Wanted. The band have become one of the most popular boybands in the world, since their formation in 2009. They have had top ten hits in several countries including the smash hits, All Time Low and Walks Like Rihanna.

Kaneswaran has thoroughly enjoyed the ride, although his one regret was taking part in the US Reality TV Show, The Wanted Life. He admitted that being followed around by video cameras 24 hours a day was more stressful than he had expected, saying: “I am usually a relaxed, Zen dude and it was just too much for me.”

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By Andrew Moore

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