Paul Simon and his wife cleared of disorderly conduct

Music legend Paul Simon and his singer wife Edie Brickell have been cleared of disorderly conduct in court after a row resulted in the police being called to their home.
Paul Simon. Photo Copyright Miho CC3
They both told the judge in Norwalk Superior Court, Connecticut, that the police’s attendance had been unnecessary, but did apologise for the incident which took place on Saturday.

Simon said: “Neither of us has any fear or anything to feel threatened about. We had an argument that is atypical of us.” Brickell added: “He is no threat to me at all.”

The two left court and travelled home together. Their attorney, Allan Cramer, explained that the couple had a disagreement and Simon attempted to walk away before things became too heated. Brickell stood in his way and tried to block him exiting. Brickell’s mother, who was present at the time, panicked and phoned the police.

Cramer said: “I think there were a couple of pushes, but it didn’t go any further. Nothing like this has happened before. She wanted to continue talking about something and he didn’t. And that’s it.”

Simon and Brickell have been happily married for 22 years, and have three children together. Simon reportedly described this weekend’s events as ‘extraordinary’.

Leon Krolikowski, the New Canaan Chief of Police, added that the two had been co-operative when the police arrived: “They’re well known to the community, they’re very nice people. It’s unfortunate that this occurred, but we were obligated to make an arrest.”

Simon was in Dublin recently to honour Northern Irish writer Seamus Heaney who sadly passed away last year.

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By Andrew Moore

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