U2 felt pressure on Mandela song

Legendary Irish rockers U2 have spoken about the pressure they felt to ‘get it right’, with their song that will feature on the new film about the life of Nelson Mandela.
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In an interview with Vogue magazine, guitarist the Edge admitted they took extra care in writing “Ordinary Love”, given the importance of the film and Mandela’s story.

“It took a while, as all our songs do. We’re very proud of this song and really proud to be a part of this project. As Bono was saying, it was one that we really realised…this we got to get right. You can’t mess this up because it means so much to us and it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Bono and the Edge both attended the New York premiere of the film recently.

Here is the YouTube video of U2’s Ordinary Love.

U2 have been global stars for three decades and are no strangers meeting up with world leaders. Bono once sneakily avoided having to hug President George W Bush, when the two met on the stage at an event in 2006. Bono admitted to British TV talk show host Jonathan Ross that he didn’t want to hug Bush because he disagreed with his decision to go to war with Iraq.
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He then added that he was congratulated on his nifty footwork by the future President when he returned to his seat, with Barack Obama, who was then a senator, whispering to him: “Nice work with the hug dodge.”

U2 have always used their worldwide profile to try and raise money and campaign for worthy causes. Bono has campaigned for better living conditions and opportunities for people in the third world, and has set up and endorsed various charities.

Bass player Adam Clayton recently put his name to a mental health campaign in Ireland, Walk in my Shoes, in which schoolchildren were invited to wear odd shoes for a day to raise money for the charity.

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By Andrew Moore

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