Sinead O’Connor joins dating agency after break-up

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has revealed that she has joined a dating agency following the break-up of her marriage.

Sinead O'Connor (photo copyright Leah Pritchard)
Sinead O’Connor

O’Connor, who had a number one hit with the Prince song, Nothing Compares 2 U, separate from her America husband Barry Herridge in December. The couple had only been married for two weeks.

At the time she said that his association with her had become “very bad for his life”. However, she said that they had great love and respect for each other have remained good friends.

I just want to be held

In an interview with the Irish Independent, O’Connor said: “Barry and I adore each other. There is and never will be anything but the greatest of gentle love and respect between us. We have vowed never to discuss any aspect of our relationship ever, other than to confirm we are no longer a couple but the very ‘beautifulest’ of friends. Not a cross word has passed between us.”

Now the singer is looking to the future and although she has vowed that she will never marry again, she has joined a dating agency. She said: “Not for sex or boyfriends or husbands. But just for safe friends who could hold me now and then, I’m a woman just like any other. I want to be held.”

O’Connor has been very critical of the media, especially some sections which have scoffed at her for joining a dating agency.

I’m not an oddball …I’m a normal woman

“I’m not an oddball. I’m a normal woman like any other. How dearly I wish to be lovingly held, I cannot express. There is no human on earth who does not. That is why zillions of people join dating sites. Nothing oddball about it.”

O’Connor’s latest album reflects her views that people should live and let leave without passing judgment on each other. It’s called How About I Be Me (And You Be You) and has been well-received by her fans.

In a career spanning more than 20 years, O’Connor has become one Ireland’s most successful recording artists, selling millions of records worldwide. She also has an admirable range with her work covering pop and rock, soul and Irish traditional songs.

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By Michael Kehoe

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