Rare Old Mountain Dew videos

The Rare Old Mountain Dew with its infectious, foot tapping melody and lyrics celebrating poitin has a universal appeal, which perhaps explains why it’s been recorded by bands from all over the world.

Rare Mountain Dew

Rare Old Mountain Dew
Lyrics and chords

The Dubliners performed The Rare Old Mountain Dew several times with Ronnie Drew providing the lead vocals.

The Dublin City Ramblers (The Quare Fellas) provided this fine version recorded live.

For a Scottish take on the song, take a look at the Corrie Folk Trio with this performance from 1965.

To get an idea of the universal appeal of this song and Irish music in general, try this excellent version by the Orthodox Celts from Serbia.

Back to Ireland for this fine version from The Irish Rovers.

The Paul Daly Band provide us with this fine version.

Rare Old Mountain Dew
Lyrics and chords