Songwriter, singer, novelist, artist dramatist

Samuel Lover was born in Dublin in February, 1797.

Samuel Lover
Songwriter, Novelist, Folklorist
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He was multi-talented in many aspects of creativty, and highly regard in his day as a painter, songwriter and novelist.

He was a prolific songwriter and has left numerous works. Click below to see some of his songs.

Samuel Lover List of Songs

Come Back To Me

The Fairy Boy

Elderly Samuel Lover
Elderly Samuel Lover

The Girl I Left Behind Me

The Fisherman’s Daughter

The Hour before the Day

The Land of the West

I Leave You to Guess

Lanty Leary

The Letter

Mary of Tipperary

Mary O’Mara

The May-Dew

The New Moon

Oh! Give me thy Hand, Fair Lady

O, Molly, I Can’t say that You’re Honest

Paddy O’Rafther

Paddy’s Pastoral Rhapsody

The Pilgrim Harper

Rory O’More

Soft on the Ear

There’s no such Girl as Mine

What Will You Do Love?

Under the Rose

When and Where

Samuel Lover
Songwriter, Novelist, Folklorist
List of Samuel Lover songs
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