The Corrs – modern folk rock family quartet

The Corrs are a folk rock band who came to prominence in the 1990s.

The Corrs
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They consist of a brother and three sisters and are known for fusing traditional Irish folk with modern pop and rock.

Throughout their career they have enjoyed worldwide success and performed with some of the biggest names in music from The Chieftains to Bono to Pavarotti. They are also well known for their extensive charity work.

The Corrs - traditional Irish folk band with a twist of modern pop and rock
The Corrs

Caroline Corr described the band’s music as a “blend of modern rhythms and technology with acoustic instruments, violin, tin whistle, drums and, of course, the voices – the marrying of these instruments is our sound”.

The Corrs’ parents were both singers

The Corrs were born in Dundalk, Co Louth. Their parents, Gerry and Jean were singers and performed in a band called Sound Affair. When the siblings were young, they would often go to see their parents perform.

Their uncle, Peter Corr, found fame as a professional footballer. He played for Everton and Ireland.

Inspired by their parents, the children took up instruments. They all learned the piano, Jim played the guitar and Sharon the violin. As they got older, Caroline started to play the drums and Andrea took up the tin whistle.

Appearing in the movie, The Commitments

The siblings were destined to form a band together and would practise in Jim’s bedroom as they were growing up.

The two eldest, Jim and Sharon, started out playing as a duo in their aunt’s pub. In 1990, Caroline and Andrea joined them after they had left school.

All four appeared in the 1991 movie the Commitments. It was a film about working class Irish youngsters who formed a soul group. Andrea played the part of Sharon Rabitte while the others appeared as backing musicians.

Performing at the Soccer World Cup

At the audition for the Commitments, they met John Hughes who would become their manager. They continued to perform and in 1994 they were spotted at Whelen’s music Bar in Dublin by Jean Kennedy Smith, who was the USA’s ambassador to Ireland.

Smith was blown away by the Corrs and invited them to perform at a 1994 soccer World Cup match that was being played in Boston.

Forgiven Not Forgotten – debut album


In 1995, they signed to Atlantic records and recorded their debut album, Forgiven Not Forgotten. It was very much a Celtic album and featured a number of instrumental tracks. It wasn’t an instant hit in the US or UK but it sold well in several countries including Ireland, Norway, Spain and Australia.

The following year, the band performed at the Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. They performed across the world supporting Celine Dion’s Falling into You tour.

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The Corrs
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